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Debit Card Help

Activating | Lost or Stolen | Replacement



Once you have received your card and  PIN, there a few ways to activate it:

  • Go to an ATM, and, using your card and PIN, perform a transaction (at the least, a balance inquiry)
  • Call the number on the PIN form and activate it
  • Call the bank and we will verify that you are in possession of it and activate it.


Lost or Stolen Card

If you need to report a lost or stolen card, contact the Bank of New Cambria at (660) 226-5211 or the Bevier branch at (660) 773-5211 during regular business hours.  For after-hours assistance, please contact Shazam at 800-383-8000.



If your debit card is broken, worn, or for any other reason not covered, there is a $20 fee to cover the replacement of the card.  Contact us by phone or in the bank to start the replacement process.

The Bank of New Cambria will never ask you to send personal or financial information by, in response to, or via a link in an Email.  If you should receive such an email and still have a question about it, please contact our
Customer Service Department
It is always best practice not to open any email or email attachments from an untrusted source.

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